REVAMP: Update Your Kitchen With A Moderate Budget

REVAMP: Update Your Kitchen With A Moderate Budget

Last month we explored options to update your kitchen with a small or modest budget. This month we’ll look at what you can accomplish with a moderate budget. At Denver Design Group we define a Revamp kitchen budget somewhere between $10,000 and $40,000. A Revamp usually includes replacing some of your major kitchen components but not necessarily a complete gut job.

With a moderate budget, we are usually looking at replacing at least one of the “big ticket” items in a kitchen: cabinets, appliances or countertops. Every kitchen and homeowner is unique and surmising the best route for your remodel can be tricky without professional help. As your designers, it’s our job to help you make those determinations, connect you with the appropriate resources and get the most bang for your remodeling buck.

Update Your Kitchen


Cabinets can be one of the most expensive components to update your kitchen, but there are less expensive options for purchasing new cabinets or keeping your existing cabinets. The first question to answer is whether they need to be replaced at all. When might you consider keeping your existing cabinets and saving that money?

  • You like your current layout
  • Your cabinets are in good shape and provide ample storage
  • Your cabinets are new, but you don’t like the color

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may want to consider keeping your existing cabinets and giving them new life through paint, stain or refacing. Changing the look 0f cabinets through new paint or stain can completely transform the look of your space. There are plenty of DIY tutorials for painting your own cabinets, but to get the most life out of your new paint job we recommend hiring a professional who will use durable products and spray techniques to a get a smooth finish.  The average cost of professionally painted cabinetry in a 10’x10′ kitchen is $4000-$6000. Check out the photos below to see what a difference paint can make.

Photo from Storywood Designs

If you don’t like your door style then paint alone won’t help you. In this case, you might consider refacing your existing cabinetry. From the outside, the cabinets will look brand new, but keep in mind that all of the internal components of your cabinets will be the same (shelves, drawers, drawer glides etc.). Refacing costs can vary greatly depending on the door style you choose, but the average cost for a 10’x10′ kitchen is usually about $8000 including labor.

Less expensive cabinet lines are available to get all new cabinetry too. IKEA is probably the best-known budget cabinet line out there – but there are others worth exploring as well. Most of these lines are called RTA (Ready to Assemble) and that means that they arrive in flat boxes and require you or your contractor to assemble them onsite. Of course, the biggest advantage of this type of cabinet is the cost and quick availability. But you will likely compromise quality, the variety of door styles and customization. The average cost of all new cabinets in a 10’x10′ kitchen with an RTA company is about $10,000 including materials and installation.


Appliances are often the second big-ticket item in a kitchen remodel. If your appliances are in good order, you’ve recently replaced some or all, and you are happy with their performance then you can consider keeping what you have. The important thing to keep in mind is that cabinetry is built around your appliances choices. There are some standard sizes in appliances and if you have to replace an appliance down the road, most of the time you can find something that will fit – but your options may be limited. In other words, if you know that your current refrigerator is older and probably doesn’t have much more life in it, replacing it now might be well worth your time and budget allocation so that you don’t have limited options down the road. Also, make sure you’re getting what you really want to out of your appliance selection. If you’ve always dreamed of a double oven it’s not going to be easy to retrofit a double oven into an already remodeled kitchen.

For a moderate kitchen remodel budget you might choose a range (cooktop and oven combined) as opposed to a wall oven and separate cooktop. Also, counter-depth refrigerators tend to be more pricey compared to standard depth refrigerators. If you already don’t have a gas stove, consider an induction cooktop.

Photo from


Natural material countertops are still the preferred choice for many remodelers. Quartz, granite, soapstone, quartzite or marble counters range from $50-$150 per square foot. To stay on the lower end of the price range for natural stone you will probably be looking at more monochromatic patterns and solid colors. If you haven’t shopped countertop materials in the last five or ten years you should know that there are a lot of alternatives to natural stone worth considering. Solid surface countertops have come a long way. The popular name brand for solid surface is Corian and what they have to offer today’s market is impressive. Solid surface countertops cost $40-$80 per square foot, dependent on brand, edge, color, and finish texture. Butcher block counters are another popular option in the moderate budget category ranging between $30-$60 per square foot.

Photo from Denver Design Group

There are many options out there for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen with a moderate budget. As kitchen designers, Denver Design Group’s mission is to educate you about your choices, help you weigh the options and make informed decisions.

Be sure to look for next month’s post about the next level of renovation – Remodel!